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Addressable Android Fire Alarm Control Panel




Addressable Android Fire Alarm Repeater Panel

Intelligent Addressable Repeater Panel AN103RP

Addressable Intelligent Devices

Optical Smoke Detector AU101SD

Heat Detector AA103HD

Multisensor AU101MD

Multisensor with Sounder AA105SMDS

Addressable Manual Call Point

Manual Call Point AA104CP

Weather Proof Call Point AA104WCP

Flame Proof Call Point AA104FCP

Sounder Beacon

Sounder Beacon AA104SB

Short Circuit Isolator

Short Circuit Isolator AA103SCI

Input and Output Module

Single Input Module AU101SIM

Single Output Module AU101SOM

Single Input Output Module AU101SIOM

Addressable LPG Leak Detector

Addressable Intelligent Gas Leak Detector

Addressable Flame Proof Gas Leak Detector AA103FLPG

Fire Alarm Panel Graphic Software

Fire Alarm Panel Graphic Software AL103PGS

Central Monitoring Graphic Software

Central Monitoring Graphic Software AL103GRS

Wireless Fire Alarm Devices

Wireless Addressable Optical Smoke Detector AW103SD

Wireless Addressable Heat Detector AW103HD

Wireless Addressable Multisensor AW103MD

Wireless Manual Call Point

Wireless Addressable Manual Call Point AW104CP

Sounder and Repeater Unit

Wireless Addressable Sounder Beacon AW104SB

Wireless Addressable Signal Repeater Unit AW104STU

Wireless Addressable Sounder Beacon cum STU AW104SBSTU

Wireless Interfacing Unit

Wireless Addressable Input Interface Unit AW103IM

Wireless Addressable Output Interface Unit AW103OM

Wireless Addressable Gas Leak Detector AW103LPG

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Conventional 2 Zone Fire Alarm Panel ALCAP201Z

Conventional 4 Zone Fire Alarm Panel ALCAP401Z

Conventional 8 Zone Fire Alarm Panel ALCAP801Z

Conventional 12 Zone Fire Alarm Panel ALCAP1201Z

Conventional-4 Zone LPG Leak Alarm Panel CTP12Z

Conventional Devices

Optical Smoke Detector AC103SD

Heat Detector AC103HD

Multisensor AC103MD

Conventional LPG Gas Leak Detector

Conventional Gas Leak Detector AC103LPG

Conventional Flame Proof Gas Leak Detector AC103FPLPG

Standalone LPG Gas Leak Detector

Standalone Gas Leak Detector AS103LPG

IP based Fire Detection

IP Based Electronic Siren-Model ALWTIP700

Network Card-Model ALNC100