Fire Detection and Alarm System

We undertake following services in Fire Detection and Alarm System.
1. Design, Manufacturing and Turnkey Solution
2. Smoke Detector testing/calibration services

We offer various type of Fire Detection and Alarm Solution.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Airlight intelligent addressable fire alarm management system that integrates a number of devices functioning together to sense and alert the occupants through visual and audio utilities meets up to the demand for finer diagnostic details.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Airlight wireless fire alarm systems are designed to provide an ideal solution to the installation of fire detection and alarm system at architecturally sensitive structures.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional system is an old technique to construct a fire alarm system. It is capable of indicating the zone of fire.

Standalone Detectors

Airlight 105 series standalone detectors function independently with features that include built- in sensor, sounder and processor. On the detection of fire or LPG, these devices alert using built- in sounder.

Integrated Fire Alarm with Public Address System

Notification alarm in the form of voice message is used to warn the occupants. The system consists many files of pre-recorded voice message.

IP Based Electronic Siren(e-siren)

This device is designed to trigger an alarm using LAN/WAN network and to integrate or broadcast fire alarm signals from wireless devices over network.

IP Based Fire Suppression System

It is IP based Fire Suppression system control panel.Controlling and monitoring is possible through LAN.Usually this unit is interfaced with IP based Fire Alarm panel for automatic Fire Suppression.

Military Standard

IP Based Fire Suppression System

This is IP based Fire Suppression system control panel. Controlling and monitoring is possible through LAN. Usually this unit is interfaced with IPbased Fire Alarm panel for automatic Fire Suppression. Manual release push button and abort switch can be directly connected for manual operation. This unit has built in battery charger and provision for SMF battery.

CMS for Fire

Individual fire alarm systems are linked into one common place for monitoring and controlling the entire complex. The central facility mainly consists of wide screen/monitor, control keyboards, MIC etc

Smoke Detector Calibration

Smoke sensor is a measuring device and it is most vulnerable for lose sensitivity. Reduction of sensitivity happens due to various reasons, therefore it has to be calibrated periodically. We offer testing and calibration services for various brand smoke detector.

About Fire Alarm

  • Fire alarm system is permanent infrastructure in the building . This system helps to monitor and provide the instant communication to the occupants and rescue personnel about fire or the incident may lead to fire.
    Main Objective is to provide life safety of occupants from fire disaster.
    The system consists of Alarm output devices like siren ,speaker etc , Alarm input devices like fire sensors , call point and Control panel.
    We at airlight develop ,manufacture entire range automatic fire detection and notification products.
    Our products can be purchased directly or through our authorised channel partners.
    We also undertake turnkey solution directly or through channel partner.